I am not always the biggest fan of the Spanish kitchen, as it can have the tendency to be over-garlict and greasy as hell.

But sometime you find restaurants that can take a kitchen to the next level. La Oliva in ‘de Jordaan‘ is a Wine and ‘Pintxos’ bar inspired by the North Spanish food culture. Pintxos are basically little sandwiches, tartelettes or pies on a skewer, topped with a wide and mixed range of delicious cheeses, meats and vegetables. Although you can also order proper starters and main courses I never gotten any further during my visits, than feasting on these tasty bites. Especially the ones with goat cheese and courgette are a decent mouth orgasm.

Together with the well picked wine menu this place is ideal to visit with a group of friends for a fun though classy dinner in the weekend. Def give it a try! (and don’t forget to make reservations a few days before)


La Oliva ‘Pintxos y Vinos’

Egelantiersstraat 122

1015 PR Amsterdam