Often I have discussions with friends whether we prefer male or female singers to listen to (let there be no discussion about the preference in viewing pleasure). We always conclude male singers more often possess that type of voice that works with any situation. No matter if you are working, having a drink or listening attentively, some artists make it sound good for any of those.

Such an artist is an Irish chap called Hozier. After being tipped about him a few months ago, his first single called ‘Take Me to Church’ was released last summer and somehow did not come further than 14th place in the hit lists.

With his newly released album called ‘Hozier’ (less is more, right) this guy proves he has music definitely worth listening to. His songs are captivating and dramatic without getting depressing. He tells his stories with credibility and I believe them all. After enjoying Tom Odell’s voice and background choirs last autumn, this year it’s Hozier filling up the room. Spotify the man, he’ll win you over!

Hozier – Hozier