For those that know my style, I’m not always in to modern design. Sure I love my Apple toys and all the other fancy stuff that is making life easier, but when it comes to materials and shapes I often prefer things actually have ‘lived‘ already to shiny and polished mass production.

But as I have set one ultimate goal in life when I was a kid, it is about having a yacht one day. Imagine the idea of sailing around from port to port, enjoying the best views, food, water sports and comfort. It’s like exploring the world as a an old-school adventurist, but then in deserved style (let’s face it, if something like that will ever be reached, it won’t be before we are grey and old).

The ‘XHIBITIONIST‘ is a view on what a modern yacht should be according to renowned Swedish-based designer, Eduard Grey. Don’t think these pictures need any explanation.. just awesome. By the way, does it remind you of the batmobile too?

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