Finally, a bar where men can stand proudly with a cocktail! Mercato Campari is a old-fashioned-Italian-style pop-up cocktailbar at the Ten Katestraat in Amsterdam, which will only be opened till the end of 2014! After that a new restaurant will open its doors at this venue, but untill then it’s definitely worth to check out this place for a Negroni or Americano cocktail. The collective noun for these kind of places is, according to the bartender, a ‘Bitteria’. A derivative of the bitter vermout-based cocktails poured.

The place is well decorated and the staff competent. The drinks are served in good looking old-school glasses, fitting the taste and look of the cocktails served. Although the most populair cocktails kick off with a shocking bitterness, they soon stick to the pallet as a tasty drink which you can easily handle for a few of them. Watch out, since they do well as aperitif, they do get you hungry for food.

Check the place out while it’s still there!

Mercato Campari

Ten Katestraat 117, 1053 CC Amsterdam


Want to try it at home?

The Negroni


45 ml Tanqueray gin
45 ml Campari bitter
45 ml Martini Rosso
1 slice of orange


Pour all ingredients in an ice-filled glass and give it a good stir. Garnish with a slice of orange. (easy right!)